Monday, November 23, 2009

Cranksgiving : Photos + Videos

Here's a short clip from the Le Mans start at Cranksgiving Saturday afternoon.

Some footage of the ride to Camillus House from Government Center after Cranksgiving to donate collected non-perishables.

Some photos courtesy of Camillus House can be found here.

Photos below by Charles Marten.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Cranksgiving : Recap + Photos

Excellent turnout this afternoon with just over 100 cyclists at the first annual Miami Cranksgiving. We collected a lot of food for those in need this holiday season. Below is a brief breakdown of the winners though it's safe to say we're all winners today!

1st - Ariel M. (Time 1:05)
2nd- Kayd M. (Time 1:10)
3rd - Stephan I. (Time 1:13) <-- technically 4th, 2nd Fixed
1st Fixed - Marty R. (3rd overall) (Time 1:10)
2nd Fixed - Chris Camargo (5th overall) <-- technically 3rd Fixed
1st Out Of Towner - TIII from WPB (7th overall)
1st Female - Jen Whalen (12th overall)
1st MTB - Prem B. (14th overall)
2nd Female - Belinda R. (15th overall)
Most Charitable - Tom Blazejack
DFL (Dead F#cking Last) - Ivan N.

The winners all received some prizes & bonus prizes were also given out to random people at the end. We asked a few Thanksgiving trivia questions and tossed out some bike swag into the crowd. Thanks to all the sponsors for contributing to this race.

Special thanks to Tony Blazejack & Gary Medenhall whom without them this would not be possible. Also to three off & on volunteers we had at the race! Your help was greatly appreciated! (Big Ed, Vin, Arthur)

Here's a few photos from before & after the event.

Below is a list of the the participants In the order that they registered. (missed a few, sorry)

Diego M
Danny G
Chris C
Charles M
Useless Derek
Patty H
Omar L
Billy M
Andres T
Daus S
Ricardo M
Lissette L
Ivan N
Marty R
Lawrence L
Ralph A
Lisa J
Karen R
Jorge R
Justin B
Prem B
Belinda R
Mike P
Mike C
Alex G
Andrew C
Mike M
Brian T
Erik S
Harry B
John C
Anne V
Stephanie S
Nicci R
Anthony N
Fabian G
Martin A
Anthea P
Fernando H
Eddy G
Cristian M
Didi V
Kris H
Jordan M
Tom B
Kayd M
Liz W
Billy H
Melissa S
Devin R
Andrew K
James R
Jason L
Lidia N
Randall M
Adam S
Leah W
Philip C
Jen W
Ariel M
German M
Jeff C
Bryan M
Angel P
Morgan R
Ralfael A
Jess B
Dario G
Geo V
Marlon G
Olga C
Raul B
Ken D
Kathy J
Eddy S
Ralph W
Chris D
Gisely K
Juan L
Dieter B
Stephan I
David M
Justin P
Jack S
Johan R
Jorge J
Nina T
Oscar R
Maria R
Megan P
Benny P

Here's a panoramic photo from outside Camillus House

Photo by Charles Martens

More detail, photos & video later. Must go drink beers!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Cranksgiving Last Minute Info!

Here are some very important details concerning Cranksgiving tomorrow.

Participants need to be at Government Center at 2pm. Do not show up late.
Bring $10, a bicycle, and a bag or basket to carry the items.
All bicycles are welcomed. Helmets encouraged.

We will not meet near the escalators/Metromover like we usually do for Friday Critical Mass. Instead we will meet a few yards west by "the orange peels" near the corner of NW 2nd Ave/1st St. We're doing this to be out of the way of pedestrians/public transit commuters & to avoid religious zealots.

Participants will have two options. The fast cyclists actually racing will go to all 5 checkpoints (17mi) and will be competing for all the prizes. The slower people will have to hit up just 3 checkpoints, these cyclists will only be competing for "Most Charitable".

More details will be given out at the race.. I cannot stress enough to be there by 2pm

We will have prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 1st Fixed Gear, 1st Female, 1st MTB, 1st Out Of Towner, DFL, and Most Charitable.

Gary Mendenhall who has been helping Tony Blazejack and I with the race will be providing homemade oatmeal cookies & Gatorade to participants. O.N.E. Drinks will also be there at the finish of the race giving cyclists drinks.

Once the race is finished and everyone is accounted for we will issue prizes to the winners and possibly raffle off a few extra items. We will then ride a few blocks north to the Camillus House to donate all the non-perishable items collected.

Remember this is a charity race. Ride safe & be courteous.
Excited to see everyone out there tomorrow.

Government Center
101 NW First St
Miami, FL. 33130

Cinelli (Sponsor)

Unicanitor saddle, cycling hat & stickers courtesy of Cinelli!

Keirin Cycles (Sponsor)

Set of Halo Twin Rail tires & Origin8 tubes courtesy of Keirin Cycles in Miami Beach!

Elite Cycling & Fitness (Sponsor)

(not actual certificate)

$100 gift certificate courtesy of Elite Cycling & Fitness in Pinecrest!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Origin8 (Sponsor)

Mustache handlebars, urban risers, track pedals, clips & a few pairs of leather straps courtesy of Origin8!

Pikey Bags (Sponsor)

Awesome handmade messenger bag with mesh/padding on the back courtesy of Pikey Bags!

Monday, November 16, 2009

The Shadow Conspiracy & Subrosa (Sponsor)

Assortment of grips, hats & Interlock v2 chains courtesy of The Shadow Conspiracy & Subrosa!

Knog (Sponsor)

T-shirt, bicycle lights & cycling hats courtesy of innovative Australian brand Knog!

Headset Clothing (Sponsor)

Cycling hats handcrafted with reclaimed and salvaged fabric courtesy of Headset Clothing!

Urban Velo (Sponsor)

(50) Issue #16 Nov '09 courtesy of Urban Velo!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Cranksgiving Spoke Cards

Cranksgiving spoke cards are done. Are you ready?

Thanks to SOFLO Skate & Bike for donating funds to get these made. Also thanks to Justin at South Florida Fixed for letting me borrow a laminator.

A1 Scoot, Skate & Bike (Sponsor)

Messenger bag + a $35 brake & gear tune up & lube courtesy of A1 Skate, Skoot & Bike in Downtown Miami!

O.N.E. (Sponsor)

After the race quench your thirst with Natural Coconut Water courtesy of O.N.E.!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Cranksgiving + STAGES Postcards

Cranksgiving + Lance Armstrong x Nike STAGES postcards have been dropped off at a few South Florida bike shops. Thank to Big Ed @ IDitall for printing these.

You can pick them up at these locations:

A1 Scoot, Skate & Bike
Bell's Bicycles & Repair
Bikes To Go
Bike Tech
Broken Spoke
Business Cycles
Coral Way Bicycle Shop
Cuba Bicycle Shop
Cycle World
Elite Cycling & Fitness
Enrique's Bicycle Shop
Keirin Cycles
Mack Cycles
MIA Skate Shop
RB Cycles
SOFLO Skateboard & Bicycle Shop
Suarez Bicycles Assembly
Tamiami Cyclery
Victor's Bicycles & Supply
Willie's Bicycles

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Cranksgiving Food Drive Alleycat : November 21st

Cranksgiving Food Drive Alleycat Race 2009
Saturday, November 21st
2:00pm signup, 2:30pm start

Manifest/checklist @ 2:20pm

Government Center
101 NW First St
Miami, FL. 33130

Bring $10 to purchase food items.
A bag & lock are essential.
All bikes welcomed.

Riders will go to 5 grocery store checkpoints and buy non-perishable food items from a checklist. There is no registration fee, the $10 goes to purchase the items. All collected goods will be donated to Camillus House at the end of the race. This is for a great cause and at the same time shines a positive spotlight on the local cycling community.

The race is tentatively 17 miles, speed is an obvious advantage but knowing your way around the city & the aisles of a supermarket can also help you significantly. This will be a very fun race, the first of it's kind in S. Florida. These races have been going on in NYC for the past decade. This will mark our 1st annual Cranksgiving, we plan on continuing the tradition. Sponsors & flyer coming soon. Start spreading the word, particularly all you "there's never nothing to do, this city sucks" types.

If you're a local bike shop & interested in sponsoring this event then contact me ASAP.