Monday, November 22, 2010

Cranksgiving 2010 : Recap

Excellent turnout Saturday afternoon, we had 107 registered cyclists at the 2nd annual Cranksgiving Miami. We collected and donated an estimated $1000 in non-perishable food items to the Camillus House. Great ride for a worthy cause!

The 1st place racer came in 70 minutes after the start and won the coveted Chrome jersey, the only one in South Florida. Total distance was 17 miles and required stopping at five grocery store check points. Prizes and giveaways were distributed at Government Center and limited spoke cards were issued only to those who dropped off their items at the Camillus House after the race. The Miami Herald was there to cover the event, you can read the article here.

Below are over 100 photos from the event:

Top 5

1st - Jonathan S.
2nd- Ferny H. (1st Fixed)
3rd - Mike C.
4th - Kayd M.
5th - Jorge J.

1st Female - Stephanie R. (8th overall!)
1st MTB - Todorbalchev B.
1st Out Of Towner - TIII from WPB
Most Charitable - Patrick L., Eric T. & Greg K.
DFL (Dead F#cking Last) - Glen S.

Special thanks to Gary Medenhall, Fabian, Gabe, Dario (for the table), Emerge (cookies) and everyone who participated.

I can't forget to thank all of this year's sponsors for their contributions:
BAR, Bike Werx, Clif Bar & Company, Chrome, COG Magazine, Fydelity, Fyxation, Headset Clothing, Knog, MIA Fixed, The Miami Bike Scene, Origin-8, The Scoot, Skate & Bike Co., and Urban Velo

Here's a brief video with footage from the start and finish of the race:

Below is a list of the 107 participants in the order in which they registered:

Chris C
Stephanie R
Ricco I
T-Fork (WPB)
Brian M
Greg K (Hollywood)
Camilo P
Jim S
Hector S
Brad M (Tampa)
Trevor M (Tampa)
Amy M (Tampa)
Todorbalchev B
Mike C
Kayd M
Jeff C
Frank G
Johan M
Greg S
Nad N
Barbara M
Ulises M
Ian F
Alex R
Ray Z (FTL)
Rock S (FTL)
Adri Z (FTL)
Adam S
Leah W
Robert N
Morgan R (FTL)
Scott S
Eric M
Likrish M
Annette L
Miryam R
Andrew & Mateo H
Kevin K
Kathryn M
Alex L
Jack K
Chris H
Jonathan S
Eric T (Tampa)
Ashley B
Omar R
Miguel M
Jessica C
Jaime S
Jorge J
Rocki C
David C
Danny G
Diego M
Clinton H (Tampa)
Nick M
JohnPaul F
Lawrence L
Dania O
Michelle R
Ferny H
Lauren B
Diego P
Stella H
Felix M
Angel P
Eddy G
Tamara W
Glen S (Miramar)
Rene Q
Alex B
Austin A
Amanda B (FTL)
Julian V
Nicholas S
Craig S (Pembroke Pines)
Karol F
David R
Luis M
Elizabeth D
Carlos D
Deborah W
Patrick L
Jennifer M
Christopher L
Rene S
Richard B
Hilda V
Andrew F
Jessica Y
Eric O
Harry B
Rosy M
Ivan A
Mauricio M
Eddy S
Tami G
Ralph W
Adela S
Palomas S
Allen L
Andrea C
Heidi M

Once again, thanks and hope to see you next year!

Friday, November 19, 2010

The Time Has Come!

Cranksgiving Miami, the day a lot of you have been patiently awaiting is finally upon us. It goes down this Saturday, November 20th in Downtown. Don't forget to bring a bicycle, $10, a lock, and a bag or basket to carry the items. We will be meeting on the SW corner of Government Center by the Orange Peels at 2pm, please do not be late.

The first 50 to register will receive the November Issue of Urban Velo. Also, Clif Bar has supplied us with Clif Shot Bloks for all participants. Gary Medenhall has been generous enough to bring Gatorade for participants again this year, he will be helping me with registration, prize distribution, etc. If you have any questions about the event come and ask us at the registration table.

Rules & Prizes:
Participants will have two options: The fast cyclists racing the alleycat will have to go to all 5 checkpoints (17mi) and will be eligible for all the prizes. If speed is not your forte then you are encouraged to ride Cranksgiving in a scavenger hunt fashion and will only be required to hit up 4 of the 5 checkpoints, these cyclists will only be eligible for the "Most Charitable" prize. Last year everyone had fun whether racing or riding at a moderate pace. What's most important is that we collectively gather food items for those in need this Thanksgiving, let's show South Florida that cyclists can come together and make a positive difference.

We will have prizes for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 1st Fixed Gear, 1st Female, 1st MTB, 1st Out-Of-Towner, DFL, and Most Charitable.

We will also have extra prizes & giveaways for a few lucky riders. Over 275 have RSVP'd on Facebook, I'm hoping about 100-150 will actually show up. I want to remind everyone that this is a charity race, ride safe and be courteous to others. Local forecast are predicting amicable weather so I'm excited to see everyone out there tomorrow. Remember to arrive by 2pm so we can get registration rolling. All bicycles are welcomed. Helmets encouraged.

Once the race is finished and everyone is accounted for we will issue prizes to the winners and raffle off a few extra items. We will then ride a few blocks north to the Camillus House to donate all the non-perishable items collected. Limited Cranksgiving spoke cards will be issued to participants once they drop-off their items.

After the drop-off at Camillus House we will lead a group ride a few blocks south to The Filling Station for food & drinks.

Thanks to all of this year's sponsors and remember to support those who support us.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Cranksgiving 2010 coming November 20th!

It's back!

Last year's 1st annual Miami Cranksgiving food drive alleycat race was a huge success. This year we hope to make it greater thus helping to collect more non-perishable goods for those in need this holiday season.

Mark your calendars:

Cranksgiving Food Drive Alleycat Race 2010
Saturday, November 20th
2:00pm signup, 2:30pm start

Government Center (by the Orange Peels)
150 NW First Street
Miami, FL. 33130

Participants will receive a map at the start of the race with grocery stores locations & a shopping list (manifest). Riders will go to 5 grocery store checkpoints and buy non-perishable food items from the checklist. There is no registration fee, the $10 goes to purchase the items. All collected goods will be donated to Camillus House at the end of the race. This is for a great cause and at the same time shines a positive spotlight on the local cycling community. Expect to spend about $2 at each grocery store. You will be required to keep all receipts.

The race is tentatively 17 miles, speed is an obvious advantage but knowing your way around the city & the aisles of a supermarket can also help you significantly.

For those who prefer not to ride really fast it's okay. There will also be prizes for most charitable. If speed is not your thing you can ride the event as a scavenger hunt instead of a race. Last year 100 local cyclists participated making it the largest alleycat in South Florida, everyone had a great time and the Camillus House was very thankful about the event. Hope to see you there this year, all bikes welcomed.

RSVP on Facebook.


Bike Werx
Clif Bar & Company
COG Magazine
Headset Clothing
MIA Fixed
The Miami Bike Scene
Pikey Bags
The Scoot, Skate & Bike Co.
Urban Velo


Below is just one of the great prizes lined up for this years race. A limited edition Chrome cycling jersey, not available in stores!